Saturday, February 21, 2015

Moving On

It's that time again in the Burns Household.  Our three years are up here in NC and the Army has given us our new assignment. 

We've known for a while that this place was a possibility but i was kinda hoping the news would change.  Anyway, it didn't so we're trying to find the good in it.  Starting with an impromptu recon trip to check out the area.  

Just in case you aren't following Mike and I on any of the usual social media sites, i'll fill you in.  We played a game this past weekend where we posted picture clues to let people try and guess where we are moving to next.

Here they are: 

Clue no.1 

Clue no.2 

Clue no.3

Clue no.4

Clue no.5

Clue no.6

The Reveal: 
Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois 

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