Tuesday, February 10, 2015


'Baby Macky', as he is affectionately called my most, is doing great.  At one month old he is doing exactly what is to be expected...eating, sleeping, and pooping :) 

So to elaborate on those things....

Eating: He is exclusively nursing and doing a great job.  If you can't tell by looking at that belly and those cheeks he's definitely getting plenty!  

Sleep:  It took Macky a little while to get his nights and days straight, but we made it.  He still occasionally thinks we should party in the dark hours of the night, but i keep telling him i'm passed that stage of my life.  Although i would never complain, if i were rating him amongst the other 3, Macky would be considered my worst sleeper.  I am however aware that he's just a normal newborn sleeper and my other three were pretty amazing sleepers.   He woke up every 3 hours most of his first month with an occasional 4 hour stretch, during the day, not at night :)   

He has also been more picky about where he sleeps than the other 3.  He started out not wanting to be away from us and spent the first week or so in the bed or our arms.  From there we moved to the swing where he still sleeps for almost all naps and nights.  Laying flat is not his thing, so crib training will be in his future. He also LOVES to sleep in his carseat.  This is a huge difference from his siblings and i'm so thankful!  I've never had a baby that would just go to sleep in his seat while i was out and about.  Oh how i hope this continues!  

Poop: Yeah, i'm gonna go there.  It's a lot. It's often.  and likes to explode in the most inopportune times, like in church, when he's in the carrier so it can get all over him, me and the carrier,  and when you are trying to get out the door or when we have on our best outfits, or newly cleaned snowsuit.  I tell him daily he's lucky he's cute.... 

So that's it for now.  He's a good baby.  So far Baby Macky is very laid back and low maintenance and just happy to be close to us.  Having a newborn around again has been great.  So we are just soaking it all in while we can.  It'll be gone before we know it. 

Moose Paci
Soft and Snuggly things 
being swaddled 
being held 
his siblings talking to him 

laying flat
cold hands
cold wipes 

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