Sunday, February 1, 2015


So much has happened this past month. 

 Correction: So much has changed this month. 

How does the birth of one little baby shift everything?  I look at these two pictures and see my life before.  When Davis was my littlest.  When our life was a little less busy- when my heart was a little less full.  It was our last night as a family of 5, but at the time it felt like that pregnancy would never end.  It feels like forever ago now.  

We had lots of friends bring us meals over the past few weeks.  Nick and Keri came over to bring a meal and Nick got roped into playing with the kids.... a little too hard because next thing we knew Nick had slammed his head into our light.  Of course although it sounded pretty bad, he wasn't really hurt, but Davis insisted he get some 'ice on it'. 

Macky's first doctor appointment at 5 days old for a weight check.  He slept through the majority of it.  It was our first outing after coming home from the hospital.  On this day he weighed in at 8.9 lbs. 

Papaw came to meet Macky.  They hit it off pretty well i think :)

Mike built Nora a Dress Up Organizer.  She's pretty excited about it. 

Macky's first time in his crib.  He doesn't spend too much time there yet--although hopefully he'll grow to love it. 

Davis eating peach yogurt with applejacks on top.  so gross. 
love watching this kiddo play.  and boy does he love his trains!
we also moved the train table into his room this month--Davis was so excited about it
playing 'pirates' on the 'go go slide' 

almost every night for a week i'd find my two boys like this at some point in the evening.... 

we've had some pretty days this month and the kids have been taking advantage...
Playing Princesses never gets old...even first thing in the morning

my nights usually go something like this...
hanging out with my boys, 
laughing and snuggling...
then one boy wide awake while the other is out cold :)

grocery shopping... yes we were using two carts...Davis is a Wild Man and takes up A LOT of space 

why is he so cute?
woke up one morning to everyone playing army men in the kitchen...even Macky joined in
watching Mickey Mouse and riding brother at the same time 
Sunday Snuggles with my boys

Mike was gone a few days last was a good chance for me to practice juggling all 4 kiddos.  
There was a lot of this going on...

Every time Macky would make a noise, Davis would ask him "what's wrong?"
this boy wearing his backpack all day long...he's been pretending he's going to school/lunch bunch like N and H.  Oh how he wants to be big...except for the potty.  He's not so interested in that. 

Spending time with my big boys
Macky is still not enjoying his bat time, but he sure looks cute in his new bath towel!

So Alert!

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