Friday, April 3, 2015

Last Jump

Minus our time in Hawaii, Mike has been making jumps for the past 15 years.  That totals to around 65+ jumps in both airplanes like C130's and C17's and helicopters like Chinooks and Blackhawks.   Because we are getting ready to PCS to a new base this summer that is not "airborne" for the next 3 years and then our time in the Army after that could possibly be close to an end, Mike may have had his last ever static line jump of his Army career last month.  It was bittersweet for him-- he'll definitely miss the camaraderie and the rush of the jump although i don't think he'll miss the all day waiting game or the body aches afterwards that have come with age ;) 

 Here are some cool pics he took along the day to document the occasion. 

Waiting to receive Jump Master pre-inspection 

the C-27 he was preparing to load

obviously taking pictures while jumping is kind of difficult--especially when jumping from 1200 ft.  that only takes 30 seconds -minute and a half from plane door to ground.   Here is a photo the chalk after Mike jumping out of the plane. 

Here he is safely on the ground, his chute in the background

Luzon DZ (drop zone) 

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