Thursday, November 3, 2011

The 3 Day Rot

So i've said before that pumpkins don't last long here in HI, especially after they've been carved. Here is my case in point.

18 hours after carving--a little bit of shrivel and sag36 hours after carving--much more shriveling and sagging and the pumpkin is starting to lean and sag

60 hours after carving---it's life is pretty much over.
the pumpkin was tilting over and very soft
And this all happened inside. We carved our pumpkins for Halloween night the night before and it was finished--and i mean gnat infested and sunken in within 24 hours of being outside.

Conclusion: Pumpkins and Halloween are FOR SURE made for cooler weather.

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Texas Turnaus said...

We had the same experience in Houston! I was so sad, but learned my carving lesson! Next year in NC will be better for you all!!