Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Random Rest

rest of the pictures from the past few weeks and our visit with Hill and Jack that is ...we don't really get much real "rest" around here ;)

just hanging out in mommy's drawers
 my loves
 evening playtime with Jack and Holden and Daddy

 a time out that really got me tickled....she's trying so hard to put her nose in that corner she's on her tiptoes!
 for all you softies out there, dry your tears, she's fine, see? all princesses have their moments.  
 after church play/snack time
 Nora's first flower from a boy.  Jack picked it off the bush and brought it to her, just like a little gentleman!
 breakfast at Koa Pancake House--the kiddos LOVED it as usual

 this hand-holding was orchestrated of their own free will.  kinda the sweetest thing ever, yes?

 Daddy/Uncle in charge of breakfast!
Jack's Halloween bucket turned Holden's MoMo (Elmo) Hat
 my pretty girl
 best buds
 cute and fun idea at first...but for future reference, do not leave child alone in laundry hamper, they will fall over, bonk head, scream and possibly ruin the rest of the night. 
 the last night together.  and they were CRAZY!

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