Saturday, November 5, 2011

Date Night

Since Hill has been here she has offerend to keep the kids a few timse so that Mike and I could go out. Our first outing was right before Halloween. Mike planned us a really fun night.

We started out with dinner at BLT---the restaurant made famous (or maybe just more famous) by Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen. Mike is a big fan of the show and was excited about this restaurant. The food was pretty great.

Mike had a shrimp salad for starters. The shrimp were huge and had eyes. I draw the line there.

With his Filet. It was pretty amazing. There was jalapeno mashed potatoes on the side. They were as green as grass and super tasty as well.
i had a special of steak and crab. the crab was okay and the steak was fabulous.
After dinner Mike had gotten us tickets to see a one time showing of the original Ghostbusters movie. It was a good idea but that good idea proved to be better than expected when we pulled into the parking lot and happened upon this....


and then inside....lots and lots of GHOSTBUSTERS! Look i even got to hold one of their proton pack guns! watch out world!

it was a fun night and always so good to spend some time with my best guy!

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