Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Day of Thanks

 I am so thankful for my sweet little family and that we were able to spend this holiday together. 

We decided to take the easy route this year and eat our Thanksgiving meal at the DFAC (dining facility).  It was just okay--but no cook/no cleanup was pretty nice and made up for it! 
 our friends chris, sarah and baby bump came to eat lunch with us
Warrior Thanksgiving 2011

Nora was a very happy girl at lunch 
 i just had to add this can some people be SO BAD at picture taking??  when i saw it i just had to laugh and then as soon as the nice guy left the room i asked someone else to take our pic again
 second time around was MUCH BETTER, yes?
Nora LOVED the pumpkin pie---so much that she ditched the fork and went straight for her fingers! 
after lunch we went to the park to burn off some of those calories! the kiddos were super excited about this!


 i love watching them play together
 hand-holding...seriously makes a momma's heart melt!

 and a little Thanksgiving side-hug too!

after the park we went home to take naps and watch a little football.  that evening we went to our friends Jenn and Kevin's House to eat leftover turkey sandwiches and play board games.  It really was a beautiful and fun day--a little low-key than our usual, but a nice last Thanksgiving in Hawaii.

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