Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I love fairs. and rides. and fair food. and rides. and all the pretty lights. and the rides.

It wasn't quite the same as the fair at home, but a traveling fair came to town and I was so excited to take the babies to it. There were only a few rides that were baby friendly--but you better believe we were on them!

The Carousel was the favorite ride of the night. We rode it twice actually. They both loved the horsies and who can resist a wide-eyed "mommies please"

We taught them how to eat corndogs and of course they loved them.

We waited a while to ride the Ferris Wheel. It was out of operation for a while. I was very happy when it was back on because i really wanted to take the kiddos up in it. They were both interested but still a little nervous. Mike and I both got some good cuddling out of it. Totally worth the wait in line!

back on the carousel...this time i took pictures

a seriously fun day.

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