Thursday, March 8, 2012

February Coffee Group

I'm pretty late on this post, but this past month Sarah and I hosted our FRG Coffee.  We had an Italian night with lots-a yummy food and then we played Bunco! 

a few things to note...our group is really growing!  a year ago we were lucky to have 6 ladies at the coffees and then here is a pic from our tea in September and then look below!  and this with 3 of regulars not there. 

 and the group is about to double in size! literally! that's right, there are 6 of us expecting, and Josi on the far end just gave birth to Maci the week prior!  and yes, that's my belly up close in personal (and admittedly a little food belly too).  We lined up by due dates, and i just jumped in without having told anyone i was pregnant.  So, Surprise.  haha.  

So yeah, it was a good night.  I'm sad to be leaving this group of ladies.  That's the life of an army life i guess, hopefully i will meet some lovely ladies at Bragg as well!

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