Friday, March 30, 2012

Golfing in Paradise

I gotta be honest--i don't know the first thing about these golf courses or where they played, but i wanna get this last post of the Grandmas trip up and Mike's been super busy and not had time to post...  So--Mike and Carol played golf twice.  Two beautiful courses by the looks of it, and i think both were set in the Ko'Olau Mountain Range judging by the pics and the greyish weather.  On the second golf trip Grandma even joined them for the ride on her first golf experience ever.  

This course claims to be the "hardest in the nation"--i know this cause Mike got a shirt from it, and i'm pretty sure they lost a ton of balls ;)

Hawaii's Cardinal

Mike's is really gonna miss golf here.  My bet is he spends his last 6 weeks here without us on a golf course somewhere--at least every minute he's not at work ;)

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