Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Going to the BIG Movie

that's what we called it..a Big Movie.  Mike and I decided, (as seems to be a popular decision for many people) that The Lorax would be a good first theatre experience for the kids.  Really, i thought the kids did a pretty great job.  They were restless near the end, but it was a 90 min film with 20 mins of previews and 15 mins of sitting prior to that, so i think that's pretty good sitting for 2 two year olds! 

I also thought the movie was pretty great.  Good songs, good message, visually cool to watch...we really liked it.  Nora clapped after all the songs with a big smile on her face, and with every scene change where there was a second of blackness, Holden loudly announced "Uh-oh" and "What Happened?".  So innocent and cute. 

I am not sure if the kids favorite part was the movie or the popcorn...i'd have to venture to say the popcorn though.  they were very serious about it and ate a ton!  Nora even had a minor meltdown when she ran out and realized there was no more.  thankfully the songs quickly got her mind off of it.   

All in all it was a good time and we'll definitely be going back...it's free until they are 3!

walking into the theatre
in their Big Seats

Nora can't tear her eyes away from the screen to smile for the camera 
addicted to popcorn
my sweeties

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