Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Happenings

I have hardly blogged...i know.  i  think i'm starting to feel better (knock on wood).  We're almost into week 14 now, the beginning of our 2nd trimester, so it should be getting better--but it's been a rough 7 weeks or so.  Little things like these brownies below really made my days better. When nothing else would be remotely sweet husband would run out at 11pm to get me OJ, or a McDonalds sundae, or make me strawberry cake, or get me an Outback Bleu Cheese Chopped Salad, or my favorite brownies from Kulani Bakery.  He's the best.  
Game Day...this was the one they won against Duke. 
As you can sorta see, Nora was dressed up too, we just don't have a good pic.  this is N eating taco salad (her fav) with her friend at church, Ava.  Neither would actually look at me and smile.  Moody girls!
Jenn this is for you.  You wanted a rainbow and didn't get one.  You just came on the wrong week.  We've had a billion over the past week or so.  Only if you woulda came this week you would also seen TONS of rain, flooding, thunderstorms, strong winds, hail and a tornado.  What do you think?
Mike was trying to get the whole thing...too bad the car was in the way.  His ride to work really supplies some of the best rainbows you could ever see.  they are always strong and full and sometimes really low lying, like you could just walk over and stand in the middle of it. We'll definitely miss that. 
I am always miscommunicating with my food servers/providers here in HI.  i never understand how it happens.  Mike and I were both baffled by this one.  Embarrassingly, i've been ordering ridiculous things for the past few weeks and being really picky about ingredients in my food because the smallest thing can turn me off.  So i asked the server what was on the "dinner salad" she said, "cucumbers, a couple slices of tomatoes, and red onion".  Onions have been awful on to my stomach lately and i don't like tomatoes so i said "i'd just like the cucumbers".  and this is what i got.  obviously she took me literally, but i thought the fact i wanted a "salad" had already been established.  we laughed, i felt silly eating it in the nice restaurant, but when we talked about sending it back, i decided i'd probably just prefer the cucumbers anyway.  so that's what i ate. 

Here are the twins having fun at church with Auntie Dessie.  The kids stay in nursery so long each 3.5 hrs at least.   The workers, or sometimes just a random church auntie or uncle, always try and take them out to play.  It's not unusual to run downstairs for a second and find my kids in someones arms eating the breakfast sweets, playing drums on the stage, sliding down the playground equipment, or running around in big circles with someone willingly following their every move...our kids are spoiled at church.  We don't even think twice about it if we go to pick them up for nursery and they aren't there.  Once Mike and I were sitting in service and look across the room to see our son sitting with his favorite Uncle in service listening to the worship music. He looked so big and grown-up over there.  It's rare to be that comfortable and trusting with a body of people, but our church has been fabulous and they are so loving with our children.  We are truly thankful and appreciative.  
We normally just snap a bow in N's hair and go, but every once in a while we do something different. This day she wore pigtails.  Still can't quite get that bottom layer in, but we're getting there!
Pigtails, Baby Stella and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


Anonymous said...

You have an awesome husband! I am so glad you know that and appreciate him!

Aunt Diane

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the rainbow!! I guess I'll take the sunshiny weather instead. :)