Monday, March 5, 2012

Lesson Learned

What we walked into one morning a few weeks ago....
  The Story:  it's old news that i haven't been feeling well the past few weeks with the new little one taking up house in my belly,  so it's only natural to assume most of my household duties have fell to the side.  like laundry.

So anyway, one night, there were no clean PJ's left for HRB to wear, nor any comfortable play clothes that would suffice, so we did the *unthinkable* and put him in a pair of Nora's.  I mean, it isn't like we were taking pictures or anything...this in no way would scar him for life.  we thought. haha.

While we were dressing them, and then throughout our entire bedtime routine, HRB repeatedly pointed to his PJ's and said "Nora's".  He wasn't distressed looking or upset, just simply stating the fact.  We told him Nora was sharing with him and it was fine, but he still made the comment over and over even as we shut the door for the night.  I should also point out that Nora happened to be wearing an old pair of HRB's PJ's that he had grown out of.  This is a common occurrence as HRB is at least a size bigger than her at all times and it really saves us some money to share the PJ's.  This has NEVER been a problem before.

Fast Forward to the next morning....we walk into their room to find Nora with nothing but her diaper on and her clothes in HRB's crib.  and Holden with his pants and diaper off trying to put on Nora's PJ's (or his old pair).  Thank Goodness he had not pooped on this particular night.  The Lord knows we have had enough of those experiences for a lifetime!

Normally, the offense of taking of PJ's and diapers off is met with very stern consequences and very unhappy parents.  But on this particular morning, it was hard to justify the punishment when it was clear we had totally confused our children and they were just trying to get the right PJ's on.

Now they still got a firm "talking to" about how only mommy and daddy take off their clothes", but then it was followed by a quick photo totally throwing out the thought from the night before about not scarring our son for life.  and... a lesson was also learned by us.  Never again will we mix up their clothes, it's confusing for our little ones and although we were saved this time, One Must Always Avoid A Poop Fiasco Whenever Possible. 

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