Thursday, April 25, 2013

Davis at 6 months

well he's seven months now, but here's a recap of his last month. 

those 2 teeth he's been working on, drooling over, crying over for the past 4 months finally popped out within days of each other--exactly as they did with the twins. We could have sworn we saw one of them months ago, but either mike and i were both crazy and hallucinating, or it popped out, saw the world and then went back into hiding for a few more months. 
 He sits up...he's been physically able to for a while, but the kid will not ever be still, so it took awhile before he would actually sit still long enough to be considered "sitting up".  He still falls over all the time trying to get something or go somewhere. 

  speaking of moving...
there is a lot of this 
 and this going on...just not at the same time... i imagine it won't be long until he is on hands and knees at the same time. for the time being he does a pretty good job, rolling, spinning and inch-worming his way to what he wants. 
 we also started food this month. it has been a process. Davis hasn't been gaining weight the way they would like--well at all really, but he also wouldn't take to solids very well.  We spent the past month basically begging the child to eat.  It got to a point 2 weeks ago where he cried all the time, from hunger i imagine, but we couldn't get him to eat anything.  Of course after making an appointment with our doctor last week for some testing--Davis decided he would eat, and eat, and eat, and eat.   in the past 6 days he has gained half a pound...which is half a pound more than he has gained in 4 months. So at seven months and 4 days, D is weighing in at 15.4 lbs and growing.  He is also much happier now with a full belly.  And we are all much happier too. :)

hey, i want some of that!

here's some pics of his food exploration


 sweet potato

we're doing a mixture of baby food (purees) and table food (solids).  my intent with him was to follow the baby-led weaning route, which is introducing table food from the start.  (if you want more info read about it here).  Davis enjoyed it the first few weeks, but as he started to really need more calories, he couldn't eat enough to satisfy him through solids alone, and would just scream all of the time, especially during feeding times.  It was obvious he was getting frustrated.  So i moved to trying purees and he also was completely resistant to taking anything i gave him from the spoon.  Although this can be normal, and a sign that a child isn't ready to eat yet--in Davis' case we think he was just overly hungry and frustrated--and with the weight concern, there wasn't time to wait and try later.  

Finally, he started taking food from a spoon when Mike, spent the weekend doing nothing but working with him on eating.  we did find that D was more accepting of food when it was coming from Daddy and not me.  (i believe the sight of me just frustrated him further as he just wanted to nurse around the clock).  The weekend baby food bootcamp was a success and now he eats both purees and table food--occasionally blowing our minds at how much he can consume.  

last night Davis ate, carrot and pea purees and then ate dinner with us... sausage, black beans, broccoli and pasta.  crazy! 

As for all other updates--here they are in list form. 
-Davis now sleeps without his swaddle--that transition was perfectly easy for everyone, thank goodness. 
-he sleeps about 10 hrs every night, occasionally longer.  that 5-6 am feed seems to be hard for him to drop. 
-bedtime is 7-7:30 after that, the little baby is an absolute BEAR!
-he is still IN LOVE with his siblings. 
-he loves being outside, Daddy takes all the kids out most afternoons to play and Davis is always so happy to be out with them
-He still loves his paci, although now he chews on the tag of the giraffe connected to the paci about as often as he actually sucks on the paci.  
-he babbles--mamama and bababa  and loves to squeal. 
-i'm pretty sure he is trying to communicate mama to me, he moves his mouth in the exact way you would to say it, just no sound comes out, many times when he sees me.  it's super sweet.  

guess that's it. 

I'm super overdue for a nursery chair photo-shoot, maybe i can get that soon!

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