Friday, January 16, 2015

A Pretty Perfect Day

It goes without saying that bring a new baby home does of course change things up for a while and there are difficult days.  But years from now i would like to remember the wonderfully sweet days.  The quiet, slow, sweet days spent doing nothing but lounging in our pajamas and bonding as a family. 

Below are pictures from a day just like that.  Macky was 6 days old.  And it was a good day.  A really good one. 

snuggling with my 2 littles while watching Mickey Mouse morning cartoons. 
Davis: "Can i hold it?" 

such a sleepy, squishy baby 

late afternoons with daddy 
dress up and role play
snuggles with a princess
and more snuggles with our littlest
a little Thomas the Train and the boy who loves them so

 and then sweet bedtimes with Nora watching her baby brother

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