Monday, January 12, 2015

Hospital Living

It's no secret that hospital stays aren't all that exciting.  People coming into your room around the clock to poke and prod at you and the baby (always right when you get settled to get a little sleep) can be quite frustrating...and then there's the food (ugh).  But really, this time around our stay at Cape Fear Valley Health was not that bad.  The staff was great.  We don't have one complaint about the great people who took care of us.  I also really appreciated that the nurses trusted us to take care of my baby instead of constantly interfering and telling me what i 'should' be doing--after 3 babies, i got this , ya know? 

So yes, the sleep was rare and choppy...and yes the food was horrible.  But we'll let that slide :) 

We had a LOT of time to snuggle our little one. 

Macky's first swaddle and paci.  He really looks like a Burns Baby now! 
and we dressed him up on his first day for a couple of photos...gotta look good for your first day of life, ya know? 

  and then of course we snuggled some more :) 
and Nana came to visit!  
Nana came immediately when i went to the hospital to stay with our other 3 littles.  Unfortunately because it is such a bad flu season, all visitors 12 and under were not allowed in the hospital.  That meant that our kiddos couldn't come visit and meet Macky.  Which also meant that Nana couldn't come without some relief.  So Mike switched out with her in the afternoon so she could come meet her newest grandson.  Macky basically slept through the whole visit :) 

and then of course that night i took some more pictures, cause his cuteness was just too much not to capture. 

We were released the next evening to come home.  They were supposed to let us come home that morning but were concerned with his body temp being a bit too high.  Come to find out it was high just as a result of holding him a lot in an already warm room.  We started laying him down on the bed and not touching him for 30 minutes prior to temp checks to get our 3 good temps.  It worked like a charm and we were home in time for dinner that night :)

Bustin' Outta There 

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