Wednesday, January 14, 2015

First Weekend with Macky

Our first days at home were nice and quiet.  Well as quiet as a house with 4 kids can be :) It was nice to not have anywhere to go for a few days so we could just settle in as a family before the week started up.  

waking up after our first night at home.  it was a lot of up and downs... Macky definitely prefers day sleeping.  
Davis didn't let us being in the bed longer in the mornings get in the way of his schedule.  He just brought his books to the bed so we could read to him.  :)

getting to know brother 

Also Pop Pop and Grandma were able to come meet Macky.  Macky was still very new to the twins too, and Nora hardly let them have any time to hold Macky because she wanted to do it! 

 Nora brought her toys over to play close to Macky.  She told me she was "watching after baby brother".

and of course there was Sunday "game day"

as usual the kids don't make it through a whole game....found both of these boys reading
and this boy doing what he does best...sleeping...
and me just enjoying the cuddles :)

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