Monday, January 26, 2015

Daddy Time

Having Mike home this past month has been the biggest blessing.  The Army certainly takes Daddy away from us for long periods of time, but the "leave" we get in return is really great too.  What other job can you just take off 30 days?  This time together after our babies have been born is fabulous and has completely convinced me of the importance of paternity leave. 

While Daddy has been home, not only has he been a huge blessing to me while helping with Macky, he's been able to spend a lot of quality time with our big3. The kids have loved every minute of it too. 

Mike took the boys out for fun afternoon while Nora was at her Elsa birthday party.  The boys went to the park, pet store and to get ice cream.  (Notice the beginnings of he beard here...)

 Daddy has taken the kids to church and ninja school and dance...

They went to the Children's Museum in town

and he went on his first field trip with the preschool to the Transportation Museum. 

field trip buddies
 and check out Daddy's beard now! 

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