Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Since it's July, i thought i'd catch you up on May :) 

We visited Mike's mom and spent a few glorious hours at the beach. 

 and this guy talked the ENTIRE day

coincidentally my long-time friend, Jenn,  who now lives in DC was at the same beach were at, so she dropped by to see us.  We snapped a fun pic of her with the kids similar to one we took while she was staying with us in Hawaii about 5 years ago. 
 friends for 15+ years :) 

Nora did the dishes and then thanked Mike for letting her do it.  We call that #winning 

I went to the beach with my friends and Daddy had a garage sale at home ...and let the kids get all dressed up for the occasion

there was some pretty sweet hand holding in the backseat between Nora and her best friend Adalynn: and also Leah wanted to hold her boyfriend Macky
and this is how the Burns and Bennett kids hangout together...

speaking of the Bennetts...this is the kids last sleepover at our house before the movers came and took away all of our things.  
 the girls holding each other's babies
and letter pancakes for breakfast

Davis made some big improvements this months on bike officially reaching the pedals, he can pedal and steer himself 
We've been teaching N and H to help take care of their siblings--like helping Davis get dressed.  It's usually pretty comical to watch (and FYI i'm feeding Macky...not just pawning my jobs off to my oldest kids :)

We snuggled a lot of course

Davis gave Macky some good brotherly advice
and tried to teach him all about Angry Birds

my babies at my feet, loving on their newest member

We had a Dunkin Donuts date with this chocoholic 

Macky played so hard he couldn't make it another second

Holden and Daddy have been practicing baseball

love these boys!

Daddy and his girl 

helping Daddy tie his shoes

had a visit from Pop Pop and Grandma

and we got a jeep!
Macky went with us to get it while the big 3 stayed with Pop Pop.  He seemed to enjoy his first car buying experience. 
the twins ready to play at Pop Pop's while we head to Charlotte to get the jeep

3 little monkeys! 

showing off his new shirt

Nora hanging out with her littlest brother 
Macky "up and at 'em" and i'm struggling
Nora brought me breakfast in bed to help out

Mike seriously needed a Snickers


Nora's last dance class with her friend, Hannah

our pretty girl all dressed up for her recital

Mike's going away lunch and gift from his fellow's a flag made from an old whiskey barrel 

 We had one last Cracker Barrel Pancake date (in Fayetteville, of course)

running to the door...pancakes are serious business!

these eyes slay me

 and Davis started to really figure out this whole bike riding thing! i'll attach a video to the end so you can see. 

Mike and the kids went fishing with Papaw again, this time Davis got to go too
 Davis LOVED the boat, don't think he was too into fishing though! 
 and of course McDonalds afterward is always good.  That kid LOVES a kids meal. Obviously. 

and my most favorite picture of the month... 

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