Friday, July 17, 2015

Nora's Dance Recital: Neverland Adventure

This year's recital theme was Neverland, complete with fairies, Peter Pan and Captain Hook.  Right up Miss Nora's ally! 

my pretty ballerina
with her friends
Hannah has been in class with Nora for the past 2 years and then Rory and Riley are our neighbors 
Dance #1: Nora did fine but was a little hesitant and looked a bit scared

I went to visit her in between and told her where we were sitting and gave her a big hug
Dance #2:  she found us right away and did so much big smiling that she got distracted from her moves, but it was cute and i love that sweet girl--just look at her cheesing for me!

and then pictures with all of her fans
Papaw and Daddy 

Pop Pop, Grandma and Nana (Poppy had a business trip and was sad to have missed it)
Family minus a few.  
Macky was there, but struggled with the loud music and clapping.  Thankfully he has so many great men in is life who love to sit with him--Daddy, Pop Pop and Papaw all took turns holding him in the back, but he was very tired by the time everything was over.  The recital was exactly in the middle of naptime for Davis and although occasionally we can skip it, with so much stuff changing in our lives because of the move and his emotions all over the place, we opted to leave Davis with a friend so he could nap.  

a girl and her flowers

and her professional photo, so good!

and the group shot, obviously not all the class showed up for pictures

and for your viewing pleasure

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