Sunday, July 19, 2015


*Macky Mack, at Five Months.  So this was over a month ago, but here's what was going on last month with this big guy.  *

He's really developing a personality.  He laughs, he's inquisitive, he always wants to be around his people.  He watches everything we do, drools constantly, and reaches out with his feet just as much as he does with his arms. 

He's growing and eating just like he should be--staring at our food wishing we'd give him some. 

Macky isn't sleeping as well--he's been waking up more frequently this month--we're lucky to get a full 4 hours between feedings.  He's a big boy though and seems to be really hungry each time he wakes, so for now feeding through the night as needed is what we're doing. 

This month his only big milestone was mastering the roll from back to tummy, but i can tell more is coming.  He's so much more aware of his surroundings and he knows there are things he could be doing and seems to get bored a lot easier.  Thankfully his favorite people, N, H and D are always there to entertain him! 

His likes include: 
his paci
sleeping swaddled or up against someone
his family 
being outside 

His dislikes include: 
being alone 
being hungry 
being hot 
riding in the car for over 7 hours at a time 
(all pretty understandable things right?)  

Twins at 5 Years and Macky at 5 Months 



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