Monday, July 27, 2015

Operation PCS 2015 Phase 3: Unpacking and Starting Over

Here we are at our new house. 
Even with nothing in it, they were excited to be in our new home. 

We had 2 days before our stuff arrived.  We spent it playing in our new yard, painting some of the house and exploring our new area.   For the most part things seemed to be going pretty well.  Macky wasn't sleeping as well but with a change in schedule, that's nothing unusual. The twins seemed okay really--i think they have been genuinely excited about the new house, the upcoming school year and making new friends.  Davis seemed to take it the hardest--but he's two...and two year olds have a lot of emotions to deal with on a good day.  Davis would be happy one minute and cry the next.  He didn't settle in well to the new house and woke up many times a night scared.  We've mainly worked through it all now, but it was definitely a rough month or so. 

the yard might be everyone's favorite part of the house!  it's such a nice difference from our one in fayetteville.  this one was soft grass, flowers, no fire ants, lots of green, and even some shade! 

Then the movers arrived.  It was a HOT HOT day--doors had to stay open the whole time to carry things in and out and everyone was pretty much miserable.  
the kids did GREAT on this day--here they are watching a movie  on the little portable DVD player

truck no.2 
We weren't able to arrive here the same time our stuff did, so it all had to go to storage for a couple of days.  This is never an ideal situation and can lead to our stuff getting even more damaged by being handled more and our stuff getting mixed up and lost.  Thankfully though the damage has been minor and we haven't noticed that anything is missing.  On the other hand we do have some other people's stuff--some sporting equipment, parts to furniture, etc.  
boxes.  it looked like this in every room.  

we worked hard unpacking for days but of course we did need some breaks! 
we had a picnic dinner on the lawn hoping to meet some neighbors. we didn't.  but the picnic was still fun.  and we have rabbits. everywhere. the kids love it.  

getting back into our routine with our first movie night--usually pizza is included, but i cooked a real meal this time--the first one of those in the new house too!

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