Monday, October 19, 2009

29 week update

Well here i am at 29 weeks. Not too many changes except maybe for those shoes you can sorta see on my feet. They really don't fit, and i kick them off as soon as i get where i am going...and i don't just mean those particular shoes, i mean all my shoes that aren't "rubbah slippahs"--for this reason i am glad to be in Hawaii. Although i am also very envious of the fall weather in NC--i think the heat here may kill me--its definitely showing in our electric bill!

We went for our monthly growth scan on Monday for an extensive look at the babies. They are still growing well and getting stronger. Their estimated weights are around 3.5 pounds, the boy is slightly bigger. This puts them right on track with singleton's around the 60th percentile. Baby girl is still in her hiding place--which is good as far as positioning for delivery, but we never get to see her anymore.

Here's a pic of Baby Boy's face and new chubby cheeks.

same but illustrated

Mike and I actually woke up late for this appointment and only had about 10 minutes to get out the door to allow for our 1-1.5 hour commute to the hospital during morning rush hour. What does a pregnant lady do when she only has 10 minutes to get out the door? Throw on yesterday's clothes, which happen to be laying in the floor beside her and rush down to the kitchen to make cheese toast so she won't starve all morning long. Mike actually managed to shower, shave and get dressed in his 10 minutes...but he did complain about being hungry for the next few i told him, it's all about priorities!

Also last Friday my good friend and college roommate, Dee, gave birth to her baby boy, Braxton Timothy. Congrats to the Belvin Family--can't wait to see you guys!!

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