Monday, October 12, 2009

Well, we can't call them Baby Boy and Baby Girl forever!

Okay. So Mike and I gave ourselves a deadline to decide on baby names and that seems to have worked. We've also been debating on whether to reveal them or not--i mean it's nice to have a surprise once in a while!

But while having lunch with Mike's co-workers at Boston's Pizza they begged with no avail for us to tell them our chosen names. In an attempt to get them to leave us alone we agreed to at least share the initials so they could guess. Thus, the birth of our new blog game---


There will be a friends and family winner and a SPO office winner. Of course, as happened with the last blog game, there is a prize to be won--so please play!

Here are the Rules and Regulations:

1. You will have up to 3 guesses with each initial. If you want feedback in between each guess please email us your guesses at If you do not care for feedback feel free to leave your guesses as a comment on the blog.

2. Spelling is not important unless more than one person has guessed the correct name. In that case, the one with the most correct spelling will win.

3. The first person to correctly guess the name will be the winner. So yes there could be two winners since there are two names.

4. A hint will be posted each week on our blog--so check back!

5. All guesses must be submitted by midnight HST on November 8th.

6. The winners and the baby names will be revealed soon after.

...and the initals are....
Good Luck!

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tetterm said...

I love games... i am so on it!