Sunday, October 11, 2009


NO, not to the number of babies in my belly, don't be ridiculous.... but i would like to add a #5 story to my last blog, so here it is.

5. Yesterday Mike and I were on our way to a birthday party at the beach and we stopped by Sports Authority on the way because we needed some new beach chairs because our last ones rusted out and broke.

Because football season is back in and tailgating is the thing to do, they had a big section of folding chairs already out and i was sitting in them to try and find the most comfortable one since i would be spending most of my day sitting in it. Anyway a sales associate came over, and may i add this is a prolly 6'3" BIG Samoan dude, and he said " if i were you i would get the quarter ton chair, you definitely wouldn't have a problem with that". WHAT????? A QUARTER TON????? DO I LOOK LIKE I AM 500 POUNDS OR EVEN CLOSE TO IT??????????? He figured out what he said after a second and tried to correct himself by saying something about his own pregnant wife, but at this point he was just digging himself into a deeper hole..... Seriously? A QUARTER TON?

a just for your information, NO, I did NOT buy that chair!

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Allison said...

These are great! I remember the day. The worst comments come after you've had the baby!