Monday, October 19, 2009


So, we've had some good guesses and then we have had some very "interesting" guesses! Thanks to everyone who was participated so far.

I would like to make an addendum to the official game rules....upon further thought, and after some complaining from our "pushy participants" we are going to lift the 3-guess limit. So your guesses are unlimited... just don't send me an email with a TON of names on it. You are much less likely to get feedback that way!

okay...for the hint---and i think this will make most people happy!
Baby Girl's initials are NGB
Baby Boy's initials are HRB
Happy Guessing and have a good week!


Anonymous said...

k and i are still trying to come up with good guesses and now i just got thrown off by the initial clue lol. totally thought it was the other way around!

Dana said...

Thanks so much for the comments last week! I really appreciate the prayers - it has been tough, but I love my momma and am grateful I get to show her :)

I am so excited about this game!! I don't have any good guesses yet-but I have enlisted Sam's help :)

Anonymous said...

Please beleieve me! They told their Aunt Lou it is OK to tell me the names!!