Monday, December 28, 2009

Doctors and Shoes

Babies 1 month checkup was today--that's right, in just 2 days the babies will be 1 month old! Our doctor is a NC man, and planning to retire and move back to Fayetteville in February. He's an avid Wake Forest fan, Southern Baptist--used to go to Caswell, brother to a Meredith College grad, and a very nice man. Here he is below with Holden and Nora. Mike and I made sure to dress Holden in Carolina Blue pants and a paci just to taunt him! Funny thing is, he wanted to take a picture of our family too so he could show some of his "Asheboro friends".
Doctor's appointments went well. The most exciting thing about the appointments are finding out how much they weigh--and boy are they growing fast! Holden is now 7.2 pounds and Nora is 6.1 pounds. They are now joining the realm of the normal! You can really tell they are gaining weight in both their cheeks and bellies. Both are getting rounder by the day! Our next appointment is in a month and that appointment will be the first round of their shots. As much as they were fussy about being "messed with" this time, I have a feeling the next appointment is going to be rough!
Also, today was another first for the babies. They wore SHOES! We had some shoes and socks already but they were all too big for our little ones. Even the socks would just fall right off when we put them on. So I guess Santa heard our dilemma and brought the babies each a pair of shoes that fit they can go out on the town fully dressed! See below for pics.

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