Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day"

This was my 2nd Christmas in Hawaii and Mike's first. Christmas Day here is very different from when we are at's a LOT slower paced! We had a good day that started out with a good nights rest for all 4 of us! That's a great Christmas present right there!

This picture below is our first family pic of the day, and right before we had our worst diaper "blow out" yet. Nora let out a good one that got all over Holden and myself--so Mike took Nora and I took Holden and we had about 1 hour re-group session of bathing, changing and clothes washing before we could go on with our Christmas morning.

While mommy and daddy were making sausage balls for breakfast, Holden was telling Nora all about the reindeer that pull Santa's sleigh. He especially likes to talk about their antlers.

Santa brought lots of gifts to our new "house residents". Nora got a Dressy Bessy, just like her mom had when she was little and then Holden got a matching Dapper Dan.

Santa also brought a Zippy just like Grandpa Caudle had when he was little. This Zippy is quite a bit bigger though and has a banana!

Nora received a special gift this year from her Great-Grandpa Butt and her Grandpa Caudle...a handmade baby crib. Great-grandpa started it, but didn't get to finish it before he died, so Grandpa finished it up when he found out that Nora was coming! Grandma Anne made the beautiful bedding that goes with it. Nora is going to love playing with this one day i am sure, but for now she's so little she actually fits in it herself!
Here's our best family photo for the morning. The babies were so content and quiet that we just left them in their chair to sleep while opened presents. I'll bet this is the last calm Christmas we are going to have for many years!

Here are the babies with all their presents before they were opened. For their first Christmas i think they "racked up"!

Holden got his first truck from Grandma Carlisle!

And here is Mike with his new Bike T-shirt.

Mommy bought this book for her little babies. It's actually quite sweet, don't be fooled by the title!

And here's their present from Daddy!

Aunt Vicki sent the babies cute matching shirts. And just FYI...i didn't pose them, you'd think they were twins or something!

And here's a family present that i am especially excited about. The wide mouth food processor from Kitchen Aid so I can make baby food easily and in bulk when the time comes! I am already excited about it and looking up yummy recipes. Of course I am sure I can use this to make yummy adult food for Mike and I too!

Mike gave me a very special ring with Nora and Holden's birthstone in the center and a small diamond on either side to signify each baby. I love it!

And here are the babies, post opening presents...still sacked out!

I have to sneak this picture in here, because these two sock people are my most favorite ornaments. They were given to me by my grandfather a few Christmases ago because i liked them so much. He heard I was plotting to "steal them" and he wanted to "keep me honest", so he gave them to me as a present. This year they were the tree toppers for our table cute!

Christmas night we went to eat dinner at our friends, the Williamses, house. Here is Marybeth giving Holden his first bottle. He took it like a champ!

and Daddy is giving Nora her first bottle! She also did great, and finished her bottle in record time, leaving Holden in the dust! Who says little people can't eat a lot? Although eating like that, she prolly won't be little for long!

Before we left to go back home, Mike and I tried to get a family photo with the babies. They weren't going to have any of it though. This is the best it got..after this picture it was nothing but screaming, flailing babies! Don't they know that they are going to want these pictures one day??

So, it was a good first Christmas with our babies. I guess next year, if all goes as planned we will be back in NC for a real Christmas--cause although it was a good day, it's just not the same away from home! It's crazy to think that next year that our little ones will be moving around and aware of what's going on. Geez, Mike and I are so shocked that they are already a month old...time sure is flying, but we are loving every minute of it.
Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones. We missed you all!
~If you wanna see all our Christmas pics, check our pic website~

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