Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just a little update...

Nothing exactly monumental has been going on thr past few days, but i thought i would post a few photos just case you were missing the babies!

Also, here are some videos, mostly of Nora during her small window of "wakefulness" today--Holden hasn't had his yet as you can see in his video. It's been a very sleepy day for him!

Nora and her paci

looking a little bored

Holden "sacked out"

Me and my babies

loving Nora, like her shirt says. She kinda looks like..."aw mom!"

cutie pie

Nora Awake

Nora and her Paci

Sleepy Holden


Anonymous said...

I love Nora's sneeze. It's really cute!-Jennifer and Eric and Carrie and Emily

tetterm said...

soooo nora's paci is as big as her face...that is so adorable! thanks for the videos... a perfect way to end my day! love u