Monday, January 18, 2010

and then there were 4

Tonight my dad and step mom had to leave and go back home. It was so good to have them here and spend time together but also their help with the babies was invaluable. This week will be my first week at home alone with the babies all day and in all honesty i am super nervous about it. It is absolutely impossible to attend to both babies and all their crying all the time. Although i am quite aware that a little crying never hurt anyone...i am worried about what a lot of crying is going to do to all of us--but i will leave all my thoughts on this to another blog. For now i will stick to the visit with the Grandparents.

Anne was here for 2 weeks and was a great help. She hit if off with Nora quickly which was wonderful cause our little girl has quite a set of lungs on her and uses them often. Anne also cooked dinner for us almost every night. I know Mike really appreciated that after his long days at work and i appreciated it just because otherwise we'd prolly just be eating cheese toast. Dad joined us after a week and then we had one more set of hands. Dad and Anne would take the "morning shift" so i could get some uninterrupted sleep and that was a wonderful way to start off my day.

We didn't do anything super spectacular while they were here. Just hung out at home with the babies. Although we did go on quick outings to Jamba Juice, grab some lunch or go shopping a quick baby shopping trip. It was fun just to see Dad and Anne interact with the babies and be "grandparents" instead of parents...and what they say is true...grandparents are such softies!
On our last day together, we got dressed up and went to Sears to get a few family shots. The last family picture i have had with dad and anne was back in high school sometime--and then with the babies here, it was definitely time to update. Being such "new babies" still, they were completely uncooperative, which i completely expected but apparently our photographer didn't. Our two crying babies completely threw her off her game...but if i may say so, i'm not sure she is ever "on her game". Still, we did get some good shots and overall i think it was a successfully first photo shoot and believe me, there will be plenty more--we even joined Sears membership program.
Here are some of our pics from the time here with the grandparents and then our studio pics as well.


Anonymous said...

The last picture of Nora on the blog is awesome! I'm so happy you have healthy babies! You guys look great too. Take care!
Love you,
Jenn, Eric, Carrie and Emily

tetterm said...

i have been in need of an update so thank you for posting! i love nora's buttons on her outfit. good luck this week while mike's at work. i will be praying for you three :)

allison said...

You'll be glad you got the Sear membership. We have Olivia's 1 month, 3 month, 6, month, 9 month, & 12 month pictures done. Just a photographer hint!Find a good photographer there and then ask for an appointment with them every time!!