Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twins 1st Play Date

Here are the Burns Twins and Larson Triplets hangingout with each other for the first time on the couch. The twins were due to eat and therefore pretty cranky--ie all the mad faces. We actually went to visit them on Friday for their first official play date and meant to take some pictures, but to both mommies surprise, the babies (yes all 5) pretty much slept the whole time. When we got together Sat. night they were all very good again, not that i'm complaining, but right before we left to go home, we woke the all up and took pics of the crew. Pretty funny stuff!

rt. to left: Holden, Blake, Nora, Brooklyn, and Benjamin
Nora front and center looking straight at me like "what is going on, there are more of us??"Brook and Blake taking a 1, 2 punch towards Nora....its all in love i'm sure!A position switch , but Nora doesn't seem to thrilled--Ben on the other end though is proud to show off that he's the biggest...although, Holden's catching up fast!
Our Larson friends
I attempted to get a 2 month pic, not smart to do right before they need to eat... so here's my mad pitiful huh?

and Nora is checking things out...kinda looks like she has something to say..probably something like "don't take a pic of me mommy, my diaper clashes with my dress" but then that's because she pooped in her matching bloomers earlier!

and then together...totally NOT having it...and Mommy and Daddy got to listen to this ALL the way home! That's my sweet babies! haha.

and for your viewing pleasure

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

That's awesome. What if you had had that many yourself?!?!