Friday, January 22, 2010

Flying Solo

It's my first week flying solo...parents gone and Daddy's at work. So far it hasn't been too bad although we do have our moments...see below.

*this morning the babies stank---basically they sleep best when swaddled in 2 light and then a heavy one on top. This is great and all except that they sweat a lot and between that and spit up they just plain stink. So, this morning i decided baths couldn't wait for the night and we went ahead and did it.

We used our bath tub Auntie Kim gave us for the first time. Nora loved it because it allowed her to soak in the water. Holden seemed to like it about as much as he likes any other bath--not at all! Here are some pics of Nora. Sorry, none of Holden--he was crying too much!

After their baths, i desperately needed one too. So, I layed them down together in the crib for some twin time and all seemed to be going well.

When I got out of the shower, I heard this.

and then I went to get dressed and less than a minute later it happened again.

So, hoping Holden would nap, i moved Nora downstairs since it was obvious she wasn't in the mood to nap. But apparently she wasn't in the mood to swing either. If you listen closely in the quite lulls, you will hear Holden upstairs crying now too.

Finally after i got the laundry folded and the downstairs in order i sat down with Nora and got her straightened out. Just the way she likes it...all bundled up. About 20 minutes of arm bouncing and butt tapping at the same variations...and she was out. i put her back upstairs in her crib to nap. Holden thank goodness already put himself to sleep by the time i got there.

2 hours later i go to wake them up so they can eat and get ready for their first Moms of Multiples meeting and i found this...

sweet Holden, napping on his belly--which he seems to prefer the past few days.

and funny nora...completely hidden in her "magic blankets" with Dressy Bessy watching over her. When I left her, you could see her face--she wiggled her own self down into the blankets!

just a P.S.--please don't judge me about how they are sleeping. I know all the rules about belly sleeping and swaddling and so on...but this is how they like it and we all need sleep and peace and quiet once in a while--plus i have a video monitor.

Tonight Mike is actually on staff duty and won't be coming home, so it'll be my first night alone with the twins. Hopefully all goes far so good..its 11:30 and they are both down in their cribs asleep...Wish us luck and a 6 hour sleep would be nice too!


SCOTT and ANNE said...

Looks like you are getting a handle on it! I had no doubt you would. Boy I can see Nora is adding some weight. And Holden flipping himself over. Wow! Her little face looks fuller. I wish I was there to help hold and cuddle! I miss you guys! Have a great day!
Grandma Anne

Allison said...

Whew! That girl has got some lungs!!!

Lindsey & Chris Turnau said...

Jessi- You are incredible! Good Job!

tetterm said...

LOVE the picture of Nora all snuggled down in her blanket. She really must like to be all covered up. Good luck tonight!