Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our 2 Babies are 2 Months Old!

In honor of their two month birthday Mommy and Daddy took some one on one time with our babies.

Mommy and Nora went to a luncheon hosted by some friends at our favorite restaurant, Auntie Pastos. This luncheon was a 'make-up' for what was supposed to be a baby shower, but Mommy was hospitalized the day before. Nora was very good at the restaurant and got quality time with all her "aunties".

Daddy and Holden spent the day together running some errands, eating lunch and watching a WWII documentary and Myth Busters. --A very "guy day".
Tonight we all went to the Larson Family's house to eat dinner and hang out. The Larson's have triplets the same age as our twins. We had BBQ ribs and cheesy potatoes...well the parents did...the babies had their usual...MILK, but they seemed to enjoy it!

Now our 2 month old babies are sound asleep in their cribs after their long day--and Mommy and Daddy are right behind them!

Their 2 month appointments are Wed. so i will post their "specs" later in the week!


SCOTT and ANNE said...

Wow! They are filling out and looking so healthy! Glad to hear you had some fun 'out of the house' time! You really deserve it! Love, Grandma Anne

SCOTT and ANNE said...

Oh and I just noticed Nora is in the special diapers like Holden. She has put on! Yah!

tetterm said...

So perfect that you both get to spend one-on-one time with your babies!