Monday, January 11, 2010

Grandpa's Here!

This past Saturday my dad flew in to join our party. We were very excited about his arrival--especially the babies. They took baths and wore their "finest" outfits in preparation for Grandpa's arrival.

Pretty Nora--i love her crossed feet, a little lady!

So Sweet!

Holden was a little worried.. He said he didn't know what a grandpa is. He pulls at his face when he feels this way.

The paci helps with the worry. He's showing off his snazzy overalls here. Thanks Grandma Cottle-he's so cute in them!

Here they are waiting in their stroller for the plane to land--it was a little bit delayed, but they didn't seem to mind too much.

Sleepy Baby and his 'boo-boo lip'

Pretty Baby and her bow

After the plane landed Nora got a little anxious waiting for Grandpa to come to baggage claim so mommy and daddy decided to take her out of her seat and take a picture--Holden was being a sleepy head

He's here!

Checking our our sleepyhead

Grandpa's flight came in during feeding time, so before we left the airport Grandpa got to give his first bottle to Nora

and then burp her

Nora is thinking "who is this funny man holding me?"

I'm feeding Holden, but Grandpa got to burp him

Snuggling at home...and already have a Jamba Juice (notice the end table)

We spent our first few days in the house just getting acquainted and loving on the babies. Today was our first outing with Grandpa. We went to get frozen yogurt at Menchie's and then to the grocery store. Because of the two car seats the truck gets pretty crowded, but we found room for Grandma in between the babies...and although it was a bit tight, i am pretty sure she thinks it's the best seat available and she's prolly right!


Lindsey & Chris Turnau said...

We LOVE Jamba Juice! And Chris' family is always asking what it is! Yummm I guess they aren't in NC!

tetterm said...

I love Nora's outfit... SO CUTE!!