Monday, January 18, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky

So this morning Mom needed a nap and Dad needed to clean up some, so the babies got to spend some quality "twin time" together in Holden's crib. When we went to get them later, here is what we found....
Nora out of her swaddle blanket while the swaddle was still in tact, turned perpendicular to her brother and kicking him in the head! Obviously Holden was not happy!
Here is Nora looking at us like "what guys? i didn't do anything."

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SCOTT and ANNE said...

Little Miss innocent! She is getting him back for all the pre hollering he does at feeding times! We missed those cries and coos since we left. Everytime it is quiet we are reminded... Guys I would not have missed being there with you all for anything. Wish I could still be with you! Love, Anne