Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Cookie Exchange

Our Coffee Group had our first annual Cookie Exchange this year.  In the past we've played Dirty Santa/or had an Ornament Exchange, but this year we tried something different.  If you haven't heard of one before, everyone makes a cookie (or 4 dozen!) and then you bring them to the party, taste test each one, vote on your favorites, and then grab take-home boxes and fill them up with everyone else's cookies! 

this is a great idea, fun for everyone and i believe the husbands really benefit as well.  Mike was very happy when i brought home his very own box of assorted homemade cookies!

here is the table of all of the cookies  
my white chocolate gingerbread cookies
 and since we are talking about food, lets talk about this cute little veggie tree...a great idea, yes?
  we played a game involving panty hose, balloons and a brave volunteer...and this is what happened

   and then we came back inside to announce the cookie winners....

my good friend, Sarah who the Mommy Award for the "simplest" cookie
 this show-off here one the Martha Stewart Award for creativity
 Josi won the Paula Dean Award, for best tasting--a carrot cake cookie, courtesy of her Grammy's recipe, pretty yummy!
and then Caroline won the Sandra Lee Award for presentation
the winners and their cookies
 the preggos
 our sweet group

Good Times and a fun start to the Holiday Season!

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