Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa's Village

While in Fayetteville we went to visit Santa's Village.  The North Pole was a little warmer than i expected though ;) 

Once there you park and take a hayride through the woods to the village.  The kids loved the fact that we were being pulled by a tractor of course.  The first thing we did was the most important...visit Santa!   He was a very nice Santa and just sat and talked to us.  The kids felt much more at ease sitting in our laps than than Santa's.   

Jack High Fives Santa
 Mrs. Claus
 skeptical at first...
 but gave Santa love at the end

 No crying from Norabird...apparently Santa isn't as scary as the Easter Bunny
 pic with Santa
the village
 bicycle daddy!
 my loves
Daddy Love 
 Sitting by the camp fire
 we also fed the mule/horse/donkey --(if you know what it is, pls refrain from making snippy comments...it was a little funny looking in person and we couldn't decide what it was but felt too stup to ask...so, MORSKY (mule, horse, donkey it is.)
 holden loved it...fed him the pellets with no fear!

We ended our night with hot chocolate, cider, peanuts and a hayride back to our car.  We all enjoyed it so much, i believe we will go back next year for sure--it was much more fun than visiting Santa in the mall!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

catching up...haha morsky. It's okay..I'm waiting on an rodeo junkie to punch you in the face.