Saturday, December 24, 2011

Caudle Christmas

We had Caudle Christmas on Christmas Eve this year.  I'm a little late with the post--oops.  We're not very good at group pics with this family.  i may have to change that next year!  get ready family! 

but here's what we have...

Ruby Lee was a tired girl. 
 Cousin Anna helped Nora with her gifts.  
 Holden didn't need anu help with his presents.  I almost missed them all because he opened them so fast! 
 Ruby got a double stroller with twin dolls for Christmas.  Nora has one very similar at home and was very interested in this one!
 Katie was a good sport and let Nora help open her presents too. 

 Nora saying Thank You and loving Uncle Dane

 The adults play Dirty Santa--Anna lucked up with a fun game
 Uncle Dane got the last steal...and he def. played Dirty!

Mike and I lucked up with matching Walmart gift cards and we also got Pop Pop's remote control helicopter and Grandma's Christmas Candle...i'd say we did pretty good! 

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