Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meredith Reunion

My college girls always try to get together around Christmas this year.  Always it seems someone is missing...this year, Tara couldn't make it :( but the rest of us were able to meet for lunch and hang out the rest of the afternoon.  As always it was great to catch up and get the latest updates on each of our lives.  

My roommate Dee has a son just a few weeks older than the twins and she came over early for a playdate.  Of course we took some pictures. 

Nora, such a Diva, was sad we made her sit down with the boys instead of hanging out with her Auntie Michelle.  I love how the boys are looking at her confused.
 But in true Nora fashion, it was forgotten with a little Woody Distraction and a Silly Daddy!  Holden is relieved she's better now.  
getting a good picture of more than 1 toddler is pretty's our best attempts


 Nora back with Auntie Michelle
 Holden reunited with Auntie Amanda


just our norm

at lunch we tried for a group shot--of course some weird light appeared across our bellies.  
 so we tried again, but this time the angle is pretty

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