Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas in Jacksonville

We spent a few days in Jacksonville before Christmas with Mike's Mom and Stepdad.  We were able to  spend a lot of time with family--including Mike's brother, sister and niece and nephew, Mike got to play some golf with his family, and i was also able to get my christmas shopping done thanks to the outlets and target ;).  

my sweetie pie

~Big Family Breakfast~
 Caitlyn making icing and Nora trying to be just like her :)
 We had Cam buttering the pancakes....a very important job!
 Aunt Mandy was on Holden Duty...also a very important job
 The brothers were making pancakes
 and each had their own specific way of doing it

 hanging out outside
 sweet girls
 Holden wanted to nap with Uncle Kev
 if you look closely you'll see that Holden's eyes are wide open staring at the hat above him.  He layed like this this for a long time, super still...just like his Uncle
 Cait and Uncle Mike
 Holden was very excited about the presents under the tree.  He kept bringing them to us asking to open them. 
 with Mamaw and Papaw 
 Time to Open!  They received lots of fun things.  Thanks a bunch Mamaw and Papaw!

 Family Photo

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