Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daddy Initiation

I mean you'd think after 2 years of parenting we've got it down.  haha.  i hear you all laughing now.  but seriously just when you think you've got it under control...


here's the set up: 
-Mommy has the night off and is on her way out to eat with some other mommy friends.  Daddy is manning the house and doing a mighty fine job--so good indeed that he decides to get a little laundry done.

here's the problem:  
-OUR WASHER/DRYER LIVE IN OUR GARAGE.  i know a tragedy on MANY levels.

the incident: 
-Daddy walks outside to the garage to get the laundry started and then --"click"-- he's locked out of the house.  "uh-oh".

the problem-solving steps:
-go to neighbor, since Daddy also has no phone
-call mommy to see if she will come home---
   * side note:  Mommy doesn't answer numbers she doesn't know, so when i got the call i was talking to a friend and didn't bother to even listen to the message right away.  BUT had i answered...i would have been no help, because i was driving Mike's car with his set of keys and he does not currently have a house key.
-Daddy then remembers that we are in the middle of having to sell our house and there is a LOCK BOX on the porch!  YAY!  except its some hightech digital thing that we don't have access too.

the answer to our dilemma: 
-Daddy calls Realtor, pleads our problem, and sweet Norma comes right over and helps a Daddy out--and since we are in escrow, she just gives the key back to Mike to avoid the problem.

lesson learned:
-a key now lives somewhere where this can never happen again--because just like Mike, i go out to the washer/garage DAILY and leave the kids inside.  I'm so surprised this didn't happen to me! which would have been worse because most of our neighbors aren't even home during the day.

what were the kids doing you ask?  Here's a full account via Daddy who was watching everything through the windows on our front door.
- Well all-in-all it took about 30 mins to get back in the house and for the most part they just kept playing as normal.
-Mike tried to convince Nora to come to the door and unlock it but apparently she just laughed at Daddy and ran away.  A real jokester, that one!
-Nora found all her favorite toys, piled them up on the couch and enjoyed having the space all to herself--no mommy or daddy in her way.
-Holden complained for a few seconds and Nora hopped right off the couch ran over to Mommy's bag, pulled out a box of raisins, handed them to Holden to calm him down--which worked--typical male, food can solve anything-- and then she went back to her couch and toys.

Exciting, I know.  But you better watch out.  It could happen to you too!


bluedevils said...

Wow, guys this story is priceless! Love it! I laughed a ton at the expense of you Mike. Sorry ;) Love you guys and miss you :)

Anonymous said...

I am still laughing, out loud, in my office all by myself..... :-) At least you know your daughter has the nurturing down already!

heatha said...

I think the best part of this story was when Nora handed Holden the raisins. LOVE IT!! Hilarious. You had me rolling. :0)

Kitchen Cat said...

OH NO! Poor Mike! I highly recommend an electronic deadbolt that uses a combo to open. Came in real handy the day I got everything and Jaymes outside but had no keys to go anywhere!