Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years, the Extended Version

Our New Years Eve was very good this year.  We were in Fayetteville visiting the Sweatlands again, and that morning, our friends, Mark and Carrie Davis (also from our Hawaii gang) came to visit for a few hours on their way back to their home in VA.  We haven't seen Mark in over 2 years and Carrie I haven't seen since last New Years.  It was good to catch up as always.  After they left, Mike and I went neighborhood shopping preparing for our big move in a few months.  Then that night Hillary invited some of her friends over to have dinner out and play games while our kiddos slept soundly in their beds.

Heres some pics of our day.

Aunite Hill reading to my kiddos
 Uncle Mike/Daddy playing Trains
 we made a real stellar parent move and put a DVD on while we ate dinner .  it worked well, yes?
 bath time--the regulars plus Channing.  Jack didn't want to join in for the picture
 Hillary and Jackie's New Years Picture--with Daddy Doll Jake
 the cutest 2 year olds on the planet
 my favorite people in the whole world--Last Family Pic of 2011!
 After the kiddies were in bed we played games, including our favorite--Gimp.  The Gimp hat this year was Jack's toboggan.  Mike rocked it. 
like i said, we had a good day and we did stay up till midnight--watched the ball drop live on the computer and even had some champagne, all in our PJ's.  Low-Key and Fun. 

 Woody on the other hand, his night must have been a little more rough...he wasn't looking so good this morning. 

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