Sunday, January 15, 2012

Play Date with Some of our Faves!

On friday we met back up with our favorite multiples, the Larson's and the Lottig's.  They are interacting more and more and it is fun to watch them all play. 

Brooke and Stella...this was pretty funny, Brooke was running full speed ahead pushing Stella and occasionally running into to things, but Stella just seemed to think it was all funny. 
 Blake and Holden
Big Ben playing trains...i guess he needed a little alone time ;) 

Brooke and Little Ben reading
 Nora playing Nite Nite
 Nora and Little Ben playing cars
 Stella and Nora with their monkey babies
 and of course we tried for the usual group pic...didn't go so well this time, haha.  Big Ben was literally crying at the sight of the camera and then most everyone else had ants in their pants!

notice Little Ben's arm around Stella and the Car Slippers on HRB's feet!
there go the monkeys
and this is the best it gets--at least Blake is excited

and they're outta there
the Lottig's had to leave, but we stayed a while longer to have snack and play with a special activity Auntie Kristi had prepared.

sweetie pie girls

Blake stuffed his whole sandwich in his mouth, nutcase ;)
waiting for the water beads
mom, these are awesome!

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