Monday, January 16, 2012

Shopping Spree at the Swap Meet

 Like i said in a post a few days our PCS date keeps getting closer, i'm starting to think of all the things we need to start collecting before we go.  So we woke up this morning and decided it was a perfect day for the swap meet.  and really, it was.  it the coolest day i've ever been at the swap and it was actually enjoyable instead of being so blasted hot.

here's our finds for today:

a hula skirt and hair piece...i know i don't really hula (except for my very basic knowledge for some friends at church), but i foresee wishing i had these things when my kids are a little older for show and tells, as well as for whatever hawaii-themed party we will inevitably be at 
 modeling--i really have been wanting one of these since i moved here.  so this was a purchase six years in the making--i love it!
 and then i got nora some too for when she gets older.  aren't the adorable? they are also adjustable and should grow with her as she gets bigger. 
and for Holden, we got him a fish hook necklace like his Daddy and his Uncles...and we got a magnet-cause we like them :)
 and for our main purchase and most exciting....

 I've been eyeing the North Shore sign for a long time.  It is the sign that is posted as you enter Haleiwa.  Today when we found this one, we also found the South Shore sign, which i had never seen before.  The lady gave us a deal on both and we are so excited to have them!

On our way home we stopped at Chili's for lunch.  The sugar packets in some of the restaurants on the island are hawaji-themed.  There is a packet for 8 of the Hawaiian Islands.  My friend Carrie used to love trying to get a full set at our table.  I tried for her today, but only had a poor showing with 4 islands.  Eh.  Better luck next time.  ;)

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