Tuesday, January 17, 2012

North Shore Excursion

On MLK day, we woke up and said..."to heck with our plans to finally put up the Christmas tree and whatnot, let's go have fun!"  and then we did just that.  

we went to one of most favorite places, the North Shore.  and it was a fabulous day!

we started off with brunch at Sharks Cove Grill.  Mike had grilled ahi with his eggs and fried rice and i had an ahi sandwich with onions and avocado.  AMAZING.  How did we just now get to this little place?  I know Jenn...you've been telling me to go for forever. You're right.  It was so yummy.   
After brunch we went to Sunset Beach to play in the sand and watch the 15 foot waves.  That's a pretty good size wave to watch.  It's not SO BIG that no one is out surfing in it--but big enough that it's mesmerizing to watch.  There were local boys (like age ten or so) going out there and owning those waves.  I know that's their life up there, but wow.  It'd be hard as a mom to let my little boy out in that.  
cool waves
  Holden exploring
 Haleiwa.  How could you not love this place?  Our favorite surf store on the left, and a yummy shave ice place on the right.  
Nora LOVES shave ice--like dive face first in it--which she did until we could get her a spoon.  haha.
a little surfboard photo shoot.  isn't she beautiful?
our cool dude.  
Such a Good Day!  We really are gonna miss this!

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Katie Lynn said...

I just have one question...when did you start wearing hats like that??? I don't think I've ever seen you in one.