Wednesday, September 12, 2012

40 Weeks

today is the day this baby is due.  not that i put much stock into due dates.  

i will say my patience is wearing thin.  going from preemies to an almost overdue baby is driving me nuts...i felt done WEEKS ago.  obviously #3 doesn't share my sentiments.  

my appointment last week showed that i was dilated to 4 cm and the midwife was hopeful it would happen for us over the weekend.  again, didn't.  

i have another appointment tomorrow.  we will be talking induction i am sure.  i would REALLY like to avoid that, my hope is to go through this process as naturally as we can.  my experience with induction, pitocin, etc. with the twins wasn't the best and i'd like to avoid it at all possible. 

at the same time--i'm so ready!  feel free to pray for contractions and pain to hurry up and come.  ;) i'll be thankful.  

here's my pics from today.  the sweet husband came home for lunch to take the kids and i out on a date to Jersey Mike's.  (my favorite preggo meal this time around).  So i put one of the few things left in my closet that fit on and documented this day wearing something other than muumuu's! (okay, i don't really own one, but close enough).

 up close and personal with #3

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The Castor Family said...

4 cm is great!!! I know how you feel. I have been late with all of mine. You and baby 3 will be in our prayers!