Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Story of Davis


It had been pretty apparent that our Little Man was in no hurry to come out to see us--by my pretty uneventful, yet excruciatingly long, last few weeks of birth.  The due date came and went, then our 40 week appt. Then our non-stress test (nst) and ultasound...still nothing.  Everything was pointing to induction, and i decided i'd just have to accept that...and that is exactly what happened, except a day earlier than expected due to low amnio levels found by our 2nd NST.  

So we went in for our routine appointment that morning.  It had been a long sleepless night already, i was planning on a nice nap when we got back and Mike was going do some last minute errands before #3's arrival the next day.  Of course, plans changed when they told us we were staying at the hospital for induction. 

waiting in triage at 41.5 weeks 
(man i'm so glad that part is over!)

The day was long and quite uneventful.  Even though we were ordered straight to L&D, it took a few hours to be placed in a delivery room.  Then it took another hour to get the pitocin started. Then we waited...and took some pictures as shown below ;)

My friend Hillary was keeping the twins until my mom could get there and then when everyone woke up from nap, they made a trip to visit us at the hospital.  At the time, my contractions were consistent, just neither strong or painful.  As it seemed it may be a long night, it was  the perfect time to see the kiddos.  

They weren't so excited that mommy was hooked up to the machines ("mommy owie?")  and didn't really want to sit with me touch me.  They were on the other hand VERY EXCITED about the awesome big cup of hospital ice i had--and ate on it the whole time they were there. 

Because kids and hospitals don't really mix...meaning they were full of energy and there was too much to get in to trouble with...they didn't stay long, we gave them kisses for the last time as a family of 4...which they had no idea about how their lives were about to change...and sent them off with Nana and a snack.  

then it was back to just Mike and me and this stubborn little baby

Part 2 to come...

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