Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Fun

Here's some random fun shots from the past month...

Holden's silly eyes
Nora deep in thought
 Ice Age 4 in 3D
Nora has started picking out her clothes everyday...of course it has to be a "pretty dress".   
Pop Pop came to play one day before baby brother was born...we went to Sonic for hotdogs and slides 

 Playdough has been the newest fun activity

Holden being "creative" 
It's a boat! 

Baby Davis...telling Daddy to hand him over to his Mommy 
 i just love these lips!
Auntie Hillary and Jack came to play 

 Nora and all of her bags
 playing "tools" with Daddy
sweet chubby cheeks 
 the kiddos decorated mommy, daddy and davis for fall
 we also had newborn photos for Davis taken this weekend.  he was a real trooper and stayed asleep for a good portion of it.  the before looked something like this...and at the last moment, we'd rip out the paci and the blanket to get the perfect shot
 a studio right in our living room

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