Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mike's Big 32 Weekend

I'd like to say we really went all out for this birthday...but really, this overdue momma only feels up to so much right now.  thankfully i think mike was happy to be home and hang out with us and we still made sure to make a big deal fo the birthday and do some fun things as a family. 

Mike only had a meeting to go to in the morning and then came back home to hang out with us.  Before the meeting though, we had some pretty awesome family snuggle time.  
that night we were supposed to have a cookout with our friends, but they were feeling well, so we postponed until the following night and instead went out for Japanese and a movie...well Finding Nemo.  That's not exactly mom and dads idea of a great movie experience but the kids were so happy and knew we were doing something special to celebrate Daddy's birthday.  I believe Nora ate half the bag of popcorn herself too.  She's amazing at putting so much food away for such a little girl!

 the next day our friends were feeling better and the cookout/party was on.  Mike got a new grill for his birthday (thanks Nana and Poppy!) so he broke it in with yummy steaks and hotdogs.  Of course the main event was the cake.  The kids were SO EXCITED!

Uncle Jake is just one of the kids

the Sweatlands
our family.  #3 is wearing a hat too
Hillary cut Mike a huge piece of cake.  Per Jake's advice, (you only have a birthday once a year) he ate it all!

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